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I’ve started this blog as an alternative to uber; mainly due to the uncertainties of their future. I’ll also be winding down my dA account (as if I haven’t been already!) as the subscription nears expiry.

Whilst social networking sites and forums such as those have brought me great pleasure and good friends I just can’t justify the time it takes these days to keep on top of it all. Of course it may help if I didn’t feel the need to reply to every comment, :+fav:, note, journal or friend request!

I’m also becoming somewhat disillusioned as to what I see in the so called general ’photographic’ galleries on many sites. I much prefer clicking on an RSS entry in my feeds and knowing that what I see I’ll like as opposed to wafting through gigabytes of irrelevant, photographically inspired (term used lightly), post-photoshoptic, abominable abortions!

So, for me, this looks like being my home. I’ll be mirroring my other blogs until they die off but here’s to hoping uber pulls through!

I’m still adding to the blogroll, slowly, as distractions permit, but there’s more to go. If you think I’ve missed you or have another site then please let me know.

The gallery page is still under construction and starting afresh. It will be added to from future posts.

…until next time

…hurry up and deliver my shit Vanbar! I need my fix!

…cheers Pete.