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Leica Test Rock ‘n’ Roll

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So Many Guitars
I finally got the MP back last week and these are some shots from the test roll I ran through it. It was the young bloke’s birthday and he went shopping for a surprise present with his grandparents…

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It’s Hard to Get Good Help

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The Camera Saga

After eight months of delays I finally got the Leica MP back from a certain camera service centre who will remain nameless until they’ve had the opportunity to, at least in part, salvage their reputation.

In January of this year I was given an estimate to Clean Lube and Adjust both the camera body and a Summilux 50mm lens. In May I was told they were waiting on Leica to send parts that should arrive by late June. In September I was advised it was ready to pick up and finally got someone to pick it up for me last week while on a rare venture into the big smoke.

So I finally got to feel it’s familiar weight and smoothness back in my hands the other day. Or so I thought! I could tell straight away that they hadn’t even looked at the lens despite already charging me the high end of their estimate. The upper edge of the blinds looked at bit worn, considering they claim to have fitted new ones too, especially bearing in mind that the Australian Leica dealer had already assured me that the faults is was exhibiting are easily cured with a good CLA.

Loading up a test roll (see next post) I was dismayed to notice that it wasn’t as smooth as it once was. Then I noticed the counter wasn’t working either. After shooting the roll I can see the lever that actuates the counter is fucking bent and not seating properly. The focus ring on the lens is still it’s loose but sticky old self and front focusing. What a fucking joke!

The bastard’s shit me. I want it fixed but there’s no way I want them touching it. To do a Visa charge back, give them a second chance or send it to Solms? Either way, fuck ‘em!

The Developing/Scanning Saga

Then there’s the developing. I ran an expired roll of XP2 Super through it to speed up the development/scanning process and eliminate my Wild Turkey developing innacuracy issues. Turns out the local photo lab has closed down so it was off to K-Mart. They may be able to develop C-41 but the negative scans they supplied on disk are a fucking joke too…


I was thinking they must’ve cross proccesed it in HC-110 or something until I tried my own scan…


Moral of the story? If you want something done properly, do it yourself!

Reminds me of the song Flakes from the late Frank Zappa. Seems like times haven’t changed any for the better!

….until next time

….looking up camera tools and manuals