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Shadow Boxer

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Shadow BoxerLeica MP with Summicron 90/2 on Ilford HP5 Plus 400 @1600 in Microphen.

Legendary Australian rock band The Angels during the warm up show kicking off the start of their last tour.

Just when we were wondering Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again (no way, get fucked, fuck off) and pondering, You Won’t Find No Answers, Doc and the boys reunited Out Of The Blue so we could see them Face To Face once again! It was a Long Night, Hot Shit and in a City Out Of Control people were still Comin’ Down as Dawn Is Breaking ready to Face The Day.

Small Talk has it and the Dog’s Are Talking, that There’s No Sleep In Hell and they’re gunna Take It On The Run again this year. It’s Front Page News. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Outlaw’s will be at a venue near you, With Or Without You, so don’t Stay Away, they’ll play All Night For you.

You can’t keep No Secrets from me!


Windows on the World

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Windows on the World

Circular Quay, Sydney. Leica M6 TTL with 90/2 ‘cron on Ilford HP5 Plus @ 1600 in Microphen.

I was invited to submit some photos to the local Festival of the Arts exhibition this year and scored another highly commended for this one which I found surprising. In a sea of photoshopped ‘illustrations’ it’s good to see an old school film shot nearly get up, and street photography to boot! Then again, maybe they thought it was photoshopped because of the nasty vignette (not as pronounced in the original)!


I was told the judges took their time deliberating because of the slight angle I shot it at. Others would spend three minutes to ‘correct’ it in photoshop but that’s not how I captured it and besides, Aperture already does too much!

Of course, a photoshopped shot I did submit barely rated a second glance. All the HDR’s won. It’s a funny old world!


Flinders Street

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Flinders Street

Rush hour in Melbourne… as the traffic comes to a standstill and the throngs of commuters cross the intersection from every angle.