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iPOTD 6th and final

Watch out where the eskies go and don’t you eat that yellow snow!

So after four days and three thousand kilometres on the road, and two of testing the liver and kidneys at a remote bush camp, it’s back home to the daily grind.

The Esky continues on another couple of thousand clicks to the southern most tip of our continent without me. Why someone would need a box to keep beer cold, or thongs, down there eludes me, but hey, they’re a weird mob!

Conclusion: The iPhone leaves a lot to be desired, as do the Facebook, WordPress apps and photographer! As my Tasmanian mate was heard to mutter, “Get off that bloody camera!” It is after all, only a phone!

Off to play with Aperture then chemicals and hopefully wake up to the smell of some fixer in the morning once again.

…until next time

…fuck digital

…cheers Pete!

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