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Leica Test Rock ‘n’ Roll

Pete under Film
So Many Guitars
I finally got the MP back last week and these are some shots from the test roll I ran through it. It was the young bloke’s birthday and he went shopping for a surprise present with his grandparents…

After choosing some guitar and amp combos it was into the back room to test, adjust and tweak…
Amp Awe
While he was content in testing actions and sounds others were more focused on the little price tags at the end…
Price Tag Blues
After much picking and choosing grandad salesman negotiated an electric deal with music shop salesman and there was one little happy chappy waiting for his gear to be packed…
Me Grandad and Marley
Then it was off to the counter to finish stringing the deal together…
Stringing the Deal
Then off back home for a proper session…
Happy Chappy
No time for cake when there’s an axe to tune…
No Time for Cake
But playing with fire can be fun too…
Playing with Fire
Like a candle in the wind some good things must come to an end…
Candle in the Wind
The obligatory silly pose for the photo album…
The Album Pose
Then it was time to kill the cake…
Sacrificial Cake
And get back to Blind Willy Johnson impersonations…
Blind Willy Johnson

Leica MP with 50/1.4 Summilux ASPH LHSA and 35/1.4 Nokton Classic
Ilford XP2 Super 400 (2 years expired)
Lab developed
Negative scanned (by me, not them!)
Corrected in Aperture

….until next time
….trading the blix for fix
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