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Last Saturday was the 15th Annual Silverwater Street and Custom Motorcycle show… and it was bloody hot! The forecast was for 42 (nearly 110 in the shade for you non-decimalised) so I took the opportunity of grabbing some cheap colour film from the supermarket. It doesn’t sell any other kind. I had some left over Tetenal c-41 to develop it in and at 38 degrees I wouldn’t have to waste too much water out the esky to cool it down!

Leica M6 TTL LHSA, 35/1.4 Nokton (I miss my ‘lux (and MP)), Fuji Superia Xtra 400 and ND8 filter.

By late morning everyone was already dripping with sweat but the band still needed to warm up…

silverwater  001

Bike registrations for the show were in full swing…

silverwater  002

Everyone who entered got a framed photo of their bike with entry details.

…and there were some fine entries too…

silverwater  003


silverwater  004


silverwater  005


silverwater  006


Aforementioned framed photo dude…

silverwater  007


…and more bikes!

silverwater  008


silverwater  009


By midday all the entrants had arrived and the trade stalls were set up…

silverwater  010


silverwater  011


silverwater  012


There were magazine photographers…

silverwater  013

It’s not blurry, Tony, it’s art… and the interesting bits are in focus!

Did I mention there were more bikes…

silverwater  014


silverwater  015


silverwater  016


…and bike hoons mug lairing in the car park…

silverwater  017


German Oz Trikes too…

silverwater  018


The original t-shirt. 15 years old and it still fits. He must live on Special K!

silverwater  019


There wasn’t many people wandering around the middle. We were all hiding in the shade…

silverwater  020


There was an alleged incident near by and a man was taken to hospital…

silverwater  021


The giving out of the trophies was brought forward as more and more police arrived to establish a crime scene…

silverwater  022


silverwater  023


silverwater  024


Pretty soon the police officers from the police officers station had arrived with all manner of gadgetry and proceeded to block those who hadn’t left yet inside a crime scene of mammoth proportions.

“It might help if we knew where he was shot”, said one bright eyed young constable. “That’s easy, mate, the Ambo’s said it was in the leg!”

I proceeded to take 27 8 x 10 colour photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one…

silverwater  025


silverwater  026

…but I ran out of colour film!

Resorting to some horrible, expired Fortepan 100 (I snuck on the 90/2 ‘cron around here for a few too)… and the band played on…

silverwater  027


…and a two stop underexposed, lone lady danced…

silverwater  028


My film scanner flipped out and made me some art! Cool, I dig the surprises you get from film. Who needs photoshop!

silverwater  029


It was a long wait for some until they cleared the bikes from the crime scene…

silverwater  030


The coppers were very nice about it. It was a long wait for them too as a few forensics dudes and a sniffer dog did their jobs. This lovely young lady, reluctantly, even agreed to pose. They never made coppers like that when I was her age!

silverwater  031


Documentary makers, I suspect, definitely not news breakers. All the action was behind them…

silverwater  032


Still more waiting…

silverwater  033


…and uploading to the editor for some…

silverwater  034


Finally! The motorcycles were slowly set free!

silverwater  035


It was a long, hot, dry day but very enjoyable. The six beers that didn’t touch the sides after I got home were even better tho’!


…until next time

…cheers, Pete.

  1. betty said —

    Looks fantastic Pete – what a day! (and it may have taken forever for you to upload, but it was a breeze to view, even on my craptastic old craptop.) Dunno how you survived the heat…

    Some interesting bikes there!



    Pete replied —

    I know… and there was no bloody bar!


  2. Seamus Travers said —

    Wow the quality of the colour images is superb, this DIY c-41 process is something to look into.


  3. Adrian said —

    Just noticed the “27 8×10 colour glossy pictures with the circles and the arrows and the paragraph on the back of each one explainin’ what each one was” and the patted my seeing-eye dog and started to cry.

    Great shots even if I only just found them.


    Pete replied —

    You can get anything you want at Alice’s restaurant!

    Thanks Adrian, glad you enjoyed them.


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