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Pete under Film

A while back I got to test out Sydney’s public transport system for disabled access on a day trip to Manly with the young bloke, his grandparents and a visiting Pommie cousin. My conclusions are at the end.

Meanwhile, starting off with some expired Fuji 100 Acros, feeling a bit sea sick on the train…

Trained Kid

After arriving at Circular Quay I was surprised to see Customs House doing a roaring trade in food, as seems to be the custom these days…
Customs House

Across the road they’ve turned the old Paragon Hotel into a McDonald’s. Now that’s uncustomary… and un-Australian!…


The Quay essentials, drugs, money and food…

Quay Essentials

The pigeons are different here…
Bird Watching

On the ferry heading to Manly. Obligatory tourist shot of the Sydney Opera House…
Opera House

More tourists having a captain cook. Not a bad endeavour
Having a Captain Cook

Kids doing what kids do best. Trying to stop the pavement bubbling…

Walking on Water

Manly Beach. Time to update that myspace profile…

Street Portrait of a Self Portrait

Everyone seems to be point and shooting these days. Old new school street photographer?…

New Old School Street Photographer

A man’s not a camel so we headed to the pub for some replenishment…

Dry Argument

Luckily the next bar was open and seeing as they call it Harry’s Gym we obliged by doing our right arm curls with pints of beer! The girls on the left were balancing a little camera on top of a beer for their myspace self portrait update. I had to balance mine on the table for the quarter/half second exposure and to appease the objectionable dickheads on the right. Suck eggs fellas…

Pub Portrait of a Self Portrait

Waiting on the ferry to head back the oldies thought it a good time for a cup of tea…

Tea Time

We went in search of something more substantial and found a nice young lady pouring overpriced Lowenbrau’s around the corner…

Not a Dry Argument

Lowenbrau Latte

Swapping to HP5 Plus @1600 and Sydney Harbour bridge from the ferry…

Harbour Bridge

And skyscrapers that float…

Floating City

They have these portable wheelchair ramps under lock and key on most platforms. The station master has the key. He isn’t always accessible tho’…

Watch Your Step

Windows on the World…

Windows on the World

The train was packed on the way back and I relinquished my seat (seeing as I already had one!) to a lovely young lady with kids who plied me with cans of bourbon most of the way back. I wasn’t complaining! The bored commuter on the other hand…

The Bored Commuter

Waiting for the driver for the final leg home…
Home and Hosed


The inter-city trains can be a pain if they’re full or you can’t do a standing transfer to the seats. The internal doorway into the passenger compartment is very narrow and it gets claustrophobic sitting in the little access area (drinking helps!). The city trains are much better. No access to dunnies.

Getting on and off the trains can be a breeze if you’re a bit of an Evel Kneivel. Some stations have bigger gaps than others though so it pays to always board the last carriage as the guard has the key to the ramps and can give you a little assistance.

I was surprised at the number of stations becoming accessible. City Rail has some good info on it’s website but is not always up to date. It helps to phone ahead if you’re unsure. I even got a call back while on the train advising me the lifts were out at Central and to transfer at Stratfield instead. The guard also checked with me to make sure I knew.

The Manly-Sydney ferry and terminals are excellent and have good facilities.

….until next time

….the journey IS the destination


  1. Peter C said —

    Good one Pete, you should be a photo journalist ;p


    Pete replied —

    Thanks mate but I dunno, it could be too much like work! ;)


  2. electric wheelchairs for sale said —

    Nice stolen pictures Pete… You love travels right? Come here in Philippines…;)


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